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How Can I Play CD Track Without a Button?


Hello, im Daniel (a Spanish Guy). I Have a Question, How Can i Get CD Audio Track Working Without Pressing a Button? I Watched The Source of The Audio Demo And I Need To Press a The "B" Button, It Doesn't Play The CD Track Automatically. What I Need To Do? Ignore The Vote :|

If you look into the source code of the audio demo, you can see there is an IF statement on line 48. It compares whether button B is pressed and music is not playing, when result is true it will call code inside that brach. So to make it work like you need to just remove jo_is_pad1_key_pressed(JO_KEY_B) && from the IF statement.

I recommend learning some basics of C language before (just simple stuff, IF statements, functions, switch cases, ...), so you can read the code more easily.

EDIT: I forgot, the actual function that starts playing music is jo_audio_play_cd_track(), you can find what it does in joEngine docs.


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