Author Topic: Feature Request - Animated Color Palette - Color Cycling/Palette Shifting  (Read 1938 times)


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Feature Request - Animated Color Palette - Color Cycling/Palette Shifting

Currently when creating effect of animated texture it is usually necessary to store multiple frames of animation,
causing increased memory usage and resulting in animation that is not smooth if there are not enough frames.

I would like to request following feature: Animated Color Palette - Color Cycling/Palette Shifting.

This technique allows you to create complex and smooth animations of things like for example fire or flowing water,
but it only swaps/animates color palette, and pixels of picture/texture remain unchanged(in other words, there is
only one picture), and seems to be intended for very limited hardware.

Following links give example demos of such technique, including animation of full day and night cycle
(click "Show Options >>" to see color palette cycling):

FAQ > Color Cycling 8bit Art:

GDC Presentation by author discussing use of this technique:

Please let me know about feasibility of adding this feature.

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Ok, I will add this feature in my todolist


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