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I'm excited to start using the jo-engine, however i had a few questions that maybe someone could clear up for me.

Im curious what screen resolutions can be used on the saturn? Is 400x240 is something that could be achieved?

Thank you in advance


There is several resolution available, but I suggest you to start with the native resolution like 99% of games :)

NTSC: 320x240
PAL: 320x256

400x240 isn't supported. You can try 352x240, which has the benefit of using higher VDP1 clockspeed than 320x240 (28 vs 26 Mhz). I'm not sure if that increased clockspeed fully compensates the increased resolution as I never tried on real hardware, but you can try it.
You can read the VPD1 and 2 manuals for more information about the supported resolutions :


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