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Hi  :),

A new update is available with dual CPU support and Sega Film/Cinepak support  :D

You can also change Jo Engine option on your makefile (I removed all options from jo/conf.h)

Warning, after update your program may not compile.

Don't worry, just follow the instruction on jo/conf.h or look at the makefile on Demo1  ;)

The video playback feature is great, congratulations on that! ;D
What software did you use to convert the video to the Cinepak format?
By the way, thanks for adding my little bit of contribution in there :P

It seems like I can't compile even after changing the makefile. I keep getting :

1 [main] ? 4444 init_cheap : Couldn't reserve 9194692 bytes of space for cygwin's heap, Win32 error 487
c:... (the file path) \Compiler\TOOLS\mkisofs.exe (4444): *** AllocationBase 0x0, BaseAddress 0x616E0000, RegionSize 0x380000, State 0x100000
make : *** [sl_coff.iso] Error 1

I'm using Windows 10, currently on my Surface Pro 3.
Any ideas why?

Can you compile demos ?


did you try to reboot ?


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