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Hello community!

And I have taken longer this time. And it is only one point but it is the size of several of the second part. The theme of FMV has been exciting and extensive.

But here the third part of my tribute to SS.

I thought it would be the last, but I will have to divide the final, I still don't know how many more. Maybe one or two more.

I hope you like it.

David Gámiz Jiménez
UPDATED: 03-01-2020 97% Complete:
- 65 games added (XD)
- A lot of changes in preparation to third part of my analysis post. FMV nearly or practically complete data.
- Added Extended Color Calculation Enabled data.
- Added extra columns for VDP1 and VDP2 data.
- Improved a lot of games.
- Completed more games.
- Added Render to texture column.
- Added more credits games.
- Improved SCU-DSP data.
- Improved driver, DSP, reverb or ADPCM audio data.
- Improved VDP2 layers data
General Jo Engine Help / Re: How to make a timer? (again)
« Last post by SuperReye on January 20, 2020, 04:45:32 pm »
Well, you could read the ticks the functions returns and convert that into seconds. That could tell you how much time has passed. But idk how many ticsk are in a second.
You can also count number of frames that have passed and since you know what FPS cap there is (60 for NTSC). You can say that when you count to 60 frames 1 second has passed.
This however can be a problem if your game does not run at stable framerate.

Edit: Here is a code of what I am using might be of some use to you.
You would need to modify it for your usecase however.
Free talk / Re: Jo engine in Discord
« Last post by ponut64 on January 15, 2020, 05:41:14 am »
The Saturn Dev discord is SegaXtreme.
Free talk / Jo engine in Discord
« Last post by Volod on January 12, 2020, 04:57:05 pm »
Hey, i think, you should create a Jo engine Discord server, so you will be able to answer people more often, and also in my opinion it is just more conveniently, what do you think about this?
General Jo Engine Help / How to make a timer? (again)
« Last post by Volod on January 12, 2020, 04:52:40 pm »
Hey... i am asking this question again, because the only answer, that i got on this question didn't help me... (It is about jo_get_ticks, but i didn't understand, how to use it)
So... how to create a comand that will be executed after a certain specified time, that i set, after starting the game (or after something else)? Can you please, give me an example as a code?
General Jo Engine Help / Re: Questions about storyboard animations
« Last post by KeiDash on January 08, 2020, 09:41:49 am »
Hi Cobra

I read your post but I can't help you, at the moment I've never use Storyboards. I hope that you solve it.
General Jo Engine Help / Re: Hey, i'm new here, please, help!
« Last post by Volod on January 08, 2020, 08:35:43 am »
Hello and wellcome.

Don't worry, all of us have doubts when we start, so, relax.

Answering your questions:

1) You can use the timer function called jo_get_ticks. If I'm not wrong, each tick represent 1 frame, and 60 frames represent 1 second so you will be able to make a piece of code for calculate it. As example, what I would do is create a function that never close and return seconds when I call it, in the second core of the sega saturn (jo_add_slave.....). So, if in a global var you set the time that you need to know if was pased or will come, you will be able to know it.

2) Nope, this doesn't exists. This isn't a game maker by clicks like gamemaker or other softwares. You must to create your desings and implement it in code.
Hey, thank you very much! But... can you tell me more about this? How can i use it? For example: i want to make such a game, in which some new picture or music for example will appear (or begin to play, if it is some soundtrack) after 3 seconds after starting the game, how can i make this? And also... does this work if i want something to happen after something else, besides of starting the game?
Share your code / Re: 68K Access / Sound Driver Demo
« Last post by KeiDash on January 07, 2020, 10:22:46 pm »
Oh sorry it's my mistake.

I understood something else about the project. Could you explain to me exactly what it does?
Share your code / Re: 68K Access / Sound Driver Demo
« Last post by ponut64 on January 07, 2020, 10:20:18 pm »
Those are the correct outputs. If you look in the main.c of the 68k program, that's the data it writes.

Just to be clear, this is _not_ a driver yet. Simply, I shared the environment I am using to make the driver.
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