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So here's an update.

Update update:

source code.

If someone can figure out what's causing the VDP2 plane to flip shit, that'd be a great help.
I'll keep hacking on it in my own time.

A tip from me -

Yabause is good for hardware debugging, but it is a rather innacurate emulator. Use SSF :)

That's a lot of work you've done. Thanks, XL2!

I'm going to do my best to understand this. Or at least something like it.

Not sure I follow on real alternatives to look at, since that's what all the jo engine demos did.

But I guess that's what I have expert help for  8)

Probably a flight or hovercraft "obstacle course" game for now.

Just based on the math and the Saturn's hardware, most likely a flight game.

Truth be told though, once I figure out camera controls I could at least attempt various other things...

Just a bump to let everyone know that I have edited the previous post a million times and now it has something useful.

Sorry, I will do my best in the future to a) refrain from double-posting and b) be generally excellent. And thanks for reading.

Yeah sure, here's everything.

It's a little edited but the functionality (or lack thereof) is there.

Here's a youtube video of my problem

I don't want to bother you wizards too much here since I've had lots of questions before that I eventually just figured out on my own.

But on this one I really don't have any other idea of how to continue.

Using jo_3d_set_target allows me to rotate the camera's POV, but only for 180 degrees, then it appears to stop.
Which means in practical terms I can't turn the camera around to properly face the "character".

Maybe there's some tricks of translating the entire world to get it to look like it's turning around, but the math involved is too complex for me when I am already translating the world in a circle to get the camera to appear to move around the character. Now I just need to get the camera to face the character.

General Jo Engine Help / Re: TGA limit?
« on: February 23, 2018, 05:53:31 am »
It is my understanding that the file-names need to be reasonably unique or else it's going to throw unpredictable errors.

e.g. in my face FLOORA, FLOORC, FLOORB & WALLA, WALLB, WALLC would cause the first .tga file with that leading name become all targa files that are similar.

I hope that helps.

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