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General Jo Engine Help / How to properly convert WAV to PCM?
« on: August 25, 2020, 11:53:57 am »
Hello, I would like some clarification on converting WAV to PCM.

To convert a WAV I use this command:
Code: [Select]
ffmpeg -i title.wav -f s16be -ar 8000 -ac 1 ../../cd/TITLE.PCM

Checking if the PCM is correct I use this command:
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ffplay -f s16be -ar 8000 -ac 1 ../../cd/TITLE.PCM

The sound is correct played in the terminal, however when I compile and run the program, the sound is always played very quickly. The only way to get a correct reading is to keep the original frequency which is 44100Hz.

Could you tell me what's wrong?

Thanks !

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