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Finally I can go presenting my "tribute" to #SegaSaturn. For now this first part in my blog. :)


David Gámiz Jiménez

Hi community!

I want share my little research of the technical use of the games developed in the past to our machine. To learn and discover  how deep use the machine.

The intention I have is to share and help grow the community of our great console. A small contribution and tribute to this great machine. Which he owed for a long time.

I share a spreadsheet where I am compiling technical data of a selection of games(231, aprox 20% total games)  that I think are outstanding of the system. That can help us to better understand how effects were made or how they used the machine better. Currently this half-translated into English, since my native language is Spanish.

UPDATE table and data at 03-01-2020, view better whit 65% zoom level in google docs viewer:

Some notes:
With respect to the use of memory, it has been one of the last aspects that I am compiling. They are in column AA. I have tried to break them down by the different memory wells. The data is approximate, since even the Yabause does not quantify in total values ​​the use of memory. Column AB recollect the staff credits, to find the best programmers or teams. Column AC recollect dates release to see how the delay the version or port to SS respect PSX or others...

I started by analyzing the use of transparency of VDP1, VDP2 and VDP1 + VDP2. Afterwards, with depth of color in textures and total, use of gouraud and lighting, use of layers of VDP2 and color calculation ... to gradually embrace many aspects. [EDIT 03-01-2018] Like type of FMV formats, data of the archive an quality, use of SCU for FMV or 3D, Use of VDP1 or VDP2 or both to FMV. Use of sound system of the CDXA or DSP... etc...

[EDIT 14-12-2017] It would help a lot, that Yabause not count the number of elements in the VDP1, to see how many polygons are on the scene. <- Now we can know how many elements in the scene whit the last Git version of the Yabause. I update the "Z" column whit the data of the many games. Not possible filter by types of color calculation or type or data, but is very useful new feature. Or the amount of elements that are using Gouraud, or half-transparent, filter them somehow. Since the debugger lists them all and their properties. Or ideally show the % use of the processors, this last more complicated.

I will update and translate the sheet as I can. If someone wants to contribute in the edition only that asks me, the more we are better.

Regards! :)

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