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General Jo Engine Help / Compilation Error: "Too many new sections"
« on: January 28, 2019, 03:42:04 am »
I was playing around with making a text based Mean Bean Machine clone. I was implementing a series print statements and I kept compiling and making progress with test runs. For some reason, I have suddenly come to a point where I am no longer allowed to compile. The full output of the compilation attempt is attached as an image. I don't think there's anything wrong with my actual code, but I have attached it in case that helps. I read here ( that it can be remedied in GCC through command line inputs, but the Jo Engine Cue Maker is something of a black box to me.

Jo Map Editor / Trouble with 3D Objects
« on: January 16, 2019, 01:48:51 am »
I have been attempting to use the Jo Map Editor to convert basic 3D objects into the appropriate header files and drawing them in Jo Engine.

The model is a basic 3d cube using a single image texture. I've exported the model as both a Collada (.dae) and Wavefront (.obj) file.

Importing the .dae and attempting to draw it results in nothing being shown on screen, but the coordinates appear to be massive. They don't change no matter what size I make the cube in blender.

Code: [Select]
static POINT    PointCube[] =
{3276800, 3276800, -3276800},
{3276800, -3276800, -3276800},
{-3276800, -3276799, -3276800},
{-3276799, 3276800, -3276800},
{3276800, 3276798, 3276800},
{3276798, -3276803, 3276800},
{-3276800, -3276799, 3276800},
{-3276800, 3276800, 3276800},

The .obj fair even worse. Attempts at importing these files simply crash my game before anything can display.

Is there a guide or pipeline I can use for guidance on how to get my 3D models into Jo Engine?

I've been struggling with implementing a couple things that relate to SGL. All of my attempts to play with said things have not gone well. Any help would be appreciated.

Back-Face Culling
First, I've had a short conversation on my Youtube channel with XL2 about back-face culling. If I understand correctly, I have to implement this on a quad by quad basis. My confusion is to how, since the documentation doesn't paint much of a picture on how to play with SGL. I am loading an object like so:

Code: [Select]
jo_vertice    metal_crate_1_v[] = JO_3D_CUBE_VERTICES(32);
jo_3d_quad    metal_crate_1_q[6];
int       metal_crate_1_nq;

// Load Texture
jo_sprite_add_tga(JO_ROOT_DIR, "BOX.TGA", JO_COLOR_Transparent);

//  Write textures
jo_3d_create_cube(metal_crate_1_q, metal_crate_1_v);
metal_crate_1_nq = 6;
for (int i = 0; i < metal_crate_1_nq; ++i)
    jo_3d_set_texture(&metal_crate_1_q[i], 0);

Drawing it:

Code: [Select]
//  Perform matrix manipulations and draw
    jo_3d_translate_matrix(x, y, z);
    jo_3d_rotate_matrix(rx, ry, rz);
    jo_3d_draw_array(quads, num_quad);

//  Restore default matrix

If I understand correctly, the flag is an attribute under pdata. Should I be writing this line while writing textures for every quad I want culled? (excuse the bad C, I don't quite know what I'm doing):

Code: [Select]
quad->data->attbl->flag = 0;

Camera Clipping
Second, I've just encountered some trouble while implementing collision. It appears that quads just in front of the camera's position do not get rendered. Is there a way to change the camera's drawing plane (i.e. move the projection surface closer to the camera's position?) I believe this is controlled by a property called ScreenDist in SGL, but I am unsure where to implement said change.

Project announcement / Seniriu
« on: January 04, 2019, 10:48:41 pm »
I'm working on a first person role playing game titled Seniriu. The plan is to create a more simplified version of a Daggerfall-like game in a science fiction setting. Right now I am still grappling with how to implement basic in the engine like menus, multiple level locations, game objects, etc.

I am working in JO Engine and do development live on Twitch, using Mednafen as an emulator and test bed until I get a Saturn Satiator for live tests. I plan on pushing these live streams to Youtube and possibly doing a few shorter tutorial videos for JO Engine if there is a demand for it.

You can follow along with my progress on my Twitch page. I will update later with a github for the project code. My Youtube channel hosts older streams and Twitter announces stream announcements.

Twitch Stream:



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