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  1. Getting Joengine to work on MacOS Ventura?
  2. General questions about getting started
  3. 50Hz / 60Hz detection?
  4. Can't load 8-bit image for infinite map
  5. TGA 8-bit in background
  6. Faster Way to load an TGA image pack?
  7. Help me!
  8. How to properly convert WAV to PCM?
  9. Why is this skipping?
  10. Bug on jo_audio_play_cd_track? Track do not reproduce in loop
  11. How Can I Play CD Track Without a Button?
  12. How to make a timer? (again)
  13. Questions about storyboard animations
  14. Hey, i'm new here, please, help!
  15. How to make a timer?
  16. Removing images/sprites from RAM?
  17. Best way to: Put an image background
  18. Doomsday Phrase: undefined reference to "ADP_DecMono" (and stereo)
  19. Has anyone experimented with the horizon parameter in jo_mode7?
  20. Help: rendering 3D mesh with different colors
  21. Compilation Error: "Too many new sections"
  22. Help With SGL: Back-Face Culling and Camera Clipping
  23. CD-DA Audio in Jo is broken...?
  24. Compiling Jo Engine under GCC 7.2.0
  25. One row and column each of sprite duplicated on draw?
  26. Modified sonic demo running in Yabause with emulated BIOS does not load the map
  27. Making a 'corrected texture' for a triangle.
  28. Trouble with 4 Bits CLUT conversion header image
  29. Texturing and 3d Animation Questions
  30. hangs while cleanup happens
  31. How to autoload game after video
  32. Can't compile demo1 on Windows 10
  33. Text box for RPG
  34. Request for real hardware tests
  35. SOLVED: Run Storyboard demo externally inside my game?
  36. SOLVED: Can't get Every Day Cute copy to work
  37. Trouble trying to set explosions in shooter game
  38. Usage of GFS_NwFread (you probably expected this...)
  39. Broken Demo
  40. More on ZTP
  41. Fixed Light Source?
  42. Audio issues - repeating/skipping
  43. SAT / Separating Axis Theorem math: y no werk
  44. Warning: There is a Windows 10 update that breaks the compiler
  45. Couple beginner questions on rotation around origin and model conversion
  46. Problem after the Sega Logo.
  47. 3D 3rd Person Camera -- Issue with rotating camera face using jo_3d_set_target
  48. TGA limit?
  49. TGA not found
  50. Graphics and memory managment