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General discussion about the Sega Saturn / Re: Sonic Jam: Better Music Edition
« Last post by LackofTrack on February 21, 2018, 01:53:08 am »
Thanks for checking out the mod.
If you don't mind could you please check to see if this works properly on a real Saturn.
I have one but, don't have any spare cd-rs to burn at the moment.
Will have to give this a shot ;D
Thank you Johannes! :)

I will make more update, but more slow I believe. Right now I think that It is a good database to knowledge the "state of art" in SS.

I want more forward also. I will do you proposals of functions to get to do with the SS what was not done and more.

More work for you and XL2! XD

I have an idea :)
Wow, that was fast!

If the nb of bytes remaining to be read is less than the sector count, will it get past that point or does it ajust accordingly?

I say that because I need to split where the data goes since my files are larger than the available RAM and reading past the limit will break everything up.

EDIT : I did a quick test, and as I suspected there is no "safety net". I guess the way around this is to check if the remaining number of bytes to be read is less than the sector count, then switch to reading one sector at a time.
Jo Engine Wish List / Re: Import Tilemaps
« Last post by XL2 on February 20, 2018, 06:33:40 pm »
Good to know!
2D on Saturn is indeed very interesting, sadly I don't have the patience to create sprites and deal with animations, so I'll stick with 3D for while. ;)

You can pull from GIT

Code: [Select]
/** @brief Set how many sector is read on the same time
 *  @param count Sector count
void            jo_fs_set_read_sector_count(const int count);

Restriction: don't change read size if a file is being read  ;)
This function can be easily optimized.

Let me look at my side before you rewrite your own function  ;)
Jo Engine Wish List / Re: Import Tilemaps
« Last post by mindslight on February 20, 2018, 06:00:48 pm »
You can load large maps in the engine without any problem and no slowdown (I already used 10000x10000 maps !)  ;D

I don't use SGL for this part but a custom implementation.

Look at the "demo - map" sample.

Besides, the Jo Engine is way more powerfull in 2D than 3D today (but it will change).
After doing some tests on real hardware, I came to the conclusion that the read_next_bytes function is super slow.

If I understand correctly, it's reading 1 sector at a time, which causes waits as data gets transfered from the CD buffer to the memory.
As an example, reading a 1,4 Mb file took me around 1 minute 30 seconds, but in a game such as Quake the same file would take around 20 seconds or less to load.

I really like the flexibility with the read next bytes since it allows me to load files larger than 1 MB, but I think it could be improved a lot by doing something more like the asynch read (like read 10 sectors at a time, send the data straight into the specified buffer - Low work RAM in my case -  like in the SBL documentation vol.1 p. 18).

In the meantime, I started to try to write my own functions, but it would be nice to have a speed boost within the default Jo Engine functions.

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