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Share your code / Re: Model converter (.ZTP) -0.05 - WIP
« Last post by SkimmingSanshiro on June 08, 2018, 12:43:57 am »
 I was so certain the texture was fine but turns out it was the problem for the missing planes. Must forgot to switch back to RGB after indexed or saved compressed. Everything is displaying pretty well now, the floor still wants to clip over a lot of things like the player and 3d objects I put on the ground but probably going to use sprite objects to pick up anyway and make the level nice and 3D. And since this half room is only 1000 vertices I think I can manage to add the other half of the PSP level and have the entire level running even with no culling.
Edit: Seems to be a file name problem with 3 letter names.
General Jo Engine Help / Re: Usage of GFS_NwFread (you probably expected this...)
« Last post by ponut64 on June 07, 2018, 11:44:07 pm »
So I am working on problems for two potential solutions.

One, a more tightly controlled loading loop that can be timed to iterate no more than once per frame. The main issue with this is NwFread does not seem to function properly if NwExecOne or NwExecServer is in anything but a do... while loop, which is troublesome since that will always iterate once when the program passes over it. There are still more issues regarding just how massively slow the program runs when this loop is present, even if it isn't running. One thing I have identified is moving the control variables for the loop to global instead of local variables helps control the slowdown.

Two, a variant of how Jo Engine loads things adapted to handle ZTP files. This seems somewhat better but it still chugs the system when the file is first issued out, maybe there is no getting around that BUT it chugs the system MORE than if the single-file-load-loop is run to completion. That's why I really wish I could time out that single file load loop to iterate and run more smoothly, but alas!
Another problem with the jo engine load loop is it straight-up crashes on large files (like TITLE.ZTP included in some demos around here).

Attached is a file that has these two versions of code. ztServeRequests in the second variant is supposed to be a jo engine callback.

At this point I am more curious about how SGL loading functions. Reportedly slower, but I'd like to try them, unfortunately the commands are not in the compiler to do so.
Share your code / Re: Model converter (.ZTP) -0.05 - WIP
« Last post by corvusd on June 07, 2018, 08:37:49 pm »
Fantastic news! Really making projects like mine possible. One thing though excuse my lack of concept but in my Katamari project I ported the PSP level and decimated it and made it quads. When loading the ZTE it missing a few select faces even some simple 4 vertex quad with correct normals, but will let me add more complex things like the plate of snails.

I fixed a lot of the levels glitches by merging the vertices of the separate objects and making sure there isn't a face underneath another. But having a hard time making any more 3d objects show up without being clipped out by the floor or whatever. .

For example of a simple quad clipped: the shopping bag that goes up to the table here

Is clipped on the saturn build but let me add the plate of all this stuff on it, if merged the plates vertices to the ground.

Can I make a level this way if I clean it up more or is the Zsorting(?) too much with all the stuff and need a proper map?

Amazing project!! Katamari Damacy in SS whit RT Gouraud Shading!!! OOOOOHHHH!!! :D

About you / Re: Greetings!
« Last post by SaturnTeam on June 07, 2018, 07:10:18 pm »
I just wanted to give an update on my project. I have had a lot going on in my life this year. Unfortunately, my project has been suspended for most of the year. I just moved my website to, due to money issues. I am still considering how I want to move forward on my work.
Share your code / Re: Model converter (.ZTP) -0.05 - WIP
« Last post by XL2 on June 07, 2018, 05:26:10 am »
Also, what's the texture like? Does it have a width that is a multiple of 8?
Share your code / Re: Model converter (.ZTP) -0.05 - WIP
« Last post by SkimmingSanshiro on June 07, 2018, 04:45:46 am »
Ill try out the DUAL_ texture name out. I was actually displaying my level twice and only at 1300 vertices now but still doesn't want to draw certain faces the same way. The bag has no depth and there's also a box missing thats pretty simple. Backface culling is on in blender. Ill try these trouble ones a seperate dual plane models. So weird this plane is having issues.

 Might try out making the floor a seperate model with a lower zsort see if helps the clipping.
Share your code / Re: Model converter (.ZTP) -0.05 - WIP
« Last post by ponut64 on June 07, 2018, 04:41:44 am »
The bag has no depth to it, right? Just a plane?
In that case I would guess there's nothing you can do except make it dual-plane.
Share your code / Re: Model converter (.ZTP) -0.05 - WIP
« Last post by XL2 on June 07, 2018, 04:18:42 am »
 The vertices limit depend on the order you send your slputpolygon commands.
If SGL detects you have 2450 vertices and the next object has 60 vertices, it won't draw it at all.
Try only drawing your ball to see if it works.
For the dual plane quads, if you have a texture name starting with DUAL_ it will convert it as dual plane.
I'm not sure if I implemented this already in the demo.
Share your code / Re: Model converter (.ZTP) -0.05 - WIP
« Last post by SkimmingSanshiro on June 07, 2018, 04:03:22 am »
Ah so seems maybe I can clean this up and have it work. How do I change the attributes in a ZTE without the .h file? I didnt see anything in the SGL documentation other than the .h attributes. Its the same as slZdspLevel();?

The normals are correct one that shopping bag and even replaced it with just a simple plane it doesn't show up looking at both sides. Even with the player removed.  I noticed if I don't draw my player that is 255 vertices it only brings down the count to 2446 so it must just stop drawing the levels vertices at some point and move onto the player. But if I separate the bag to its own ZTE it doesn't draw it either so not really sure what some faces deal are.

Ill just keep messing with it until I get everything now displaying and everything else will be sprite. I tried it out on a real saturn and still runs smooth with the level only missing like three 3d models needed.

Edit: wow I was drawing my level twice lol, now its 1300 vertices but still not drawing the bag.
Share your code / Re: Model converter (.ZTP) -0.05 - WIP
« Last post by XL2 on June 06, 2018, 09:54:21 pm »
Yes, in the video he has 2500 vertices which is the maximum the default workarea supports.
You need to do visibility culling, using an octree/grid/bsp tree at minimum.
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