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Jo Engine Wish List / 3D Textured Mesh Sample
« on: March 15, 2018, 06:39:05 pm »
Ive really been struggling trying to figure out how to get a textured 3D mesh running in Jo. Ive been following to make a SG3 and SGT Texture table. Then to use textured Polygons. But how do I implement this in Jo? Be nice to have a sample with 1 multi textured 3D mesh to take a look at how its called and the files it uses. 

Sorry I'm not the best at explaining. Still having this problem though and think it might be a hardware limitation? Im trying to rotate the sprite of my board located somewhere besides 0,0,0 in the scene and rotating, and it doesn't spin on the right origin like when its located at 0,0,0 in any direction. The rotation with the sprite is so bad to rotate 90 degrees I just redraw it twice where I need it for now. I tried with jo_3d_draw_sprite_at and also jo_sprite_draw3D_and_rotate, etc using jo_3d_rotate_matrix_z(skim_rot_x) to call the rotation.

I made 3d model instead of a sprite and it doesn't have this rotation problem when put anywhere in the scene.

I made a video to show what I mean. The first is the 3d model spinning with me like I want and after the sprite spinning off axis with almost the same code

Edit: Eh forget it Ill just use a 3d model just wanted to keep the polys down. Should I render my planes on the VDP2 i was reading your youtube comments and saw you mention warping with the vdp1 and im getting it bad. Maybe mode 7 for the planes?

Yeah single plane I have to touch up my model to correct the quads a bit but defiantly runs better. So I got everything back onscreen lined up and working a bit on gameplay now.

It seems my skimboard sprite only rotates on origin if I draw it at 0,0,0? Trying to rotate it so I can 360 with the board and player together but it rotates along some origin im not sure of when I draw my sprite anywhere else besides 0,0,0

Im draw it like this
jo_3d_draw_sprite_at(6, sonic_pos_x  , sonic_pos_y - 5 , sonic_pos_z + 5  );

and rotate like this
skim_rot_z +=7;

Its seems a bit crazy to me as my Player(Sonic/Virtua Kid) its done the same way and it works fine with
jo_3d_translate_matrix    ( sonic_pos_x,sonic_pos_y,sonic_pos_z );
jo_3d_rotate_matrix_z    ( sonic_rot_z) ;

I tried not translating it to sonic_pos and just some coordinates and it still off origin. I also made a 3D model instead of a sprite and it still doing the same thing. Is it something to do with my camera?

Heres a video of me doing a 360 out to a wave and the sprite is rotating on some weird origin.

Alright got it working! 30fps was the key, makes the water effect move slower too which is great. I cant 3D model worth anything so glad I don't have to redo the wave for now. Now it mirrors SSF output.

On another note do you guys sometimes failure to launch on Saturn Hardware? I can tell it will happen because the CD stops spinning before I launch the game with Psuedo menu. Maybe I should burn slower than 16x or get Verbatim Datalife+

Great tips you were right about the default workspace and managed to subdivide and keep it under. My I added UseNearClip in my attributes
Code: [Select]
ATTRIBUTE(Dual_Plane, SORT_CEN, No_Texture, 0x801f, CL32KRGB | No_Gouraud, CL32KRGB | MESHoff, sprPolygon, UseNearClip),
seems to make no difference on hardware/ssf, seems single plane helps but not much.

It seems I am at the point subdividing makes no difference and its purely on how close the wave is the the camera no matter the scale or poly size. Zdisp is a 7 but 5 seems to be the max effect.

In SSF the clipping is perfect even optimal now because its acts like a window into the barrel at the end of the run and can give a bonus on a barrel ending and have you visible in there. But thats just a bonus.

But on hardware the story is much different. The wave clips MUCH more and also takes with it my player and scenery depending how close it is to the camera. Maybe you could take a glance at my attached blend and tell me if its ridiculous its under 1000 polys. My player is under 200 and the game features currently only 2 sprites, background, 3 planes(I removed the beach right now since I need to figure out the warping), Mesh effects only now too

Here is the clipping on hardware with these changes. Dont mind the missing beach i removed it for now but everything else is clipping

General Jo Engine Help / Re: Problem after the Sega Logo.
« on: March 10, 2018, 02:51:46 pm »
Thanks got it running. I guess that means I cant make a 3D game using the extended ram with my set up? Don't think I ever will have the skill but maybe ill get something else

General Jo Engine Help / Re: Problem after the Sega Logo.
« on: March 10, 2018, 04:17:47 am »
How do you guys burn your iso? I just got my Saturn and did the pseudo flash no problem. I got Radiant Silvergun to work too, but when I try my .iso of my game it freezes on the sega logo after the pseudo menu. My game works in SSF and Yabause so think im doing something wrong.

Using Verbatum Cds
Imgburn 16x with verify
Patching with the cd patcher on the website.
Japan model 2

Thanks Ill give it a shot. Also seem to have a problem is the polygon clipping when you get close to the camera on large models also causing everything to clip. You mention this issue in your FPS thread. Seems the solutions were to subdivide and jo_3d_display_level(level). When I subdivide even a part of my model it wont work anymore in a emulator and says %100 dynamic memory used. Its only 755 faces so im not sure what the deal is.

I have jo_3d_display_level(5) on my Player and he never clips. BUt in your thread Danny said examples of values for the level:
1: Display from 1/2
2: Display from 1/4
3: Display from 1/8
So am I using it wrong? Heres a video of my problem, maybe its because the messed up geometry in my wave that cause it the flicker?

Looking forward to the new tools. That Blender add on looks perfect but unfortunately when I try to install it  auto and manually putting the folder in addons but it doesn't show up and in the console window to see whats wrong  I get "fake_module: addon missing 'bl_info' gives bad performance!: "  in latest blender and 2.66 even reinstalled. Also I couldn't find a bat to build in your FPS map convertor how do I make it?

One more thing is there a download for that 3D mesh/texture mapping example he has on the github? I noticed Jo convertor can convert my .obj with textures but not dae. But in the .h file I don't see how to call them like the one time I got a .dae to convert. The only difference in their .h file is "MESHon" is "MESHoff" so don't see how that works to implement. When I sucessfully converted a .Dae is gave me instructions on loading the textures but I couldn't get it to even load in game and now jo convertor says file no supported when trying no matter a 32x32 TGA/PNG. That link led me to his SGL  guide but still a bit lost I know the saturn has to display a entire texture on every face so bit confused how I use my tga texture from the blender model in jo.

On a positive I got the plane I wanted in place finally and with Screendoors and transparency at the same time with a little movement doesn't make for a bad ocean effect.


So I have very little experience developing games mostly in Unity and Lua by modifying demos to make a new game. Always wanted to develop for the Saturn since a kid but having a few issues with my demo so far in Jo engine.

I'm using the Advanced 3D sample as my base and so far Ive implemented in it my Player and Level 3D models I converted from .dae and also have the Player control a bit worked out and some movement in the level scenery.

One thing that's driving me a bit crazy is when I display my 3D models in game and rotate thier matrix, they spin off their origin making it almost impossible to place where I want or rotate my player correctly. Also when I display objects in game they are upside down and seems x,y,z are inverted but maybe that's how its supposed to be. Ive looked all the samples and ones posted here, but I just cant grasp what I'm doing wrong.

I have a 3D ocean wave and I'm trying to use a screendoored plane over the top to give the effect of water surface and also eventually another solid plane for the beach. But for the life of me cannot get the plane to be where I want flat above the 3D ocean wave model with he origin being off no matter what x,y,z rotation or position.
The other problem is when I'm trying to convert my sonic jam player model with textures with the map tool it say 214 textured polygons is too much for the Saturn and wont convert even decimated to 140polygons. The dae model has 1 TGA texture

Edit: Well most of this was a brianfart objects are rotating are their correct origin. My ocean wave model in blender when exported was off origin maybe why I cant line it up very well with the dithered plane, it also has bad geometry maybe why the dithered plane doesn't cover evenly.
 Really enjoy using this application time to buy a Saturn again and Pseudo cart. Here is my screen so far of a skimboard/surfing type game.

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