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General Jo Engine Help / Audio issues - repeating/skipping
« on: February 23, 2018, 05:56:32 pm »
Hi all,

I'm new here. Firstly I want to say Jo Engine is awesome :D I'm so happy to find something like this giving the Sega Saturn scene a lift especially in the homebrew area.

Recently I've been working on a simple Space Invaders style game and I've run into an issue with playing audio files. At first I thought it was just me/my code or the way I'm converting the WAV files to PCM but this is what I've discovered:

When running the 'audio' demo (in the Jo Engine 'Samples' folder) on real hardware, the "blop" sound plays twice each time you press the 'A' button, instead of playing once like it's supposed to. This happens in my game too i.e. all of the sounds play twice instead of once whenever they're triggered (by button presses or by other actions in the game).

As for emulators, if you run the demo in Yabause then the issue isn't there. But if you run it in SSF then the issue exists just like it does on real hardware. Interestingly, if you run it in SSF with 'Auto Field Skip' disabled then the issue goes away (but, of course, games will run too fast).

Has anyone here tried to run the 'audio' demo on real hardware? Any ideas what's causing the issue?

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