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Can't load 8-bit image for infinite map


Hello !

We are a bunch of student at Epitech (Superior school for programming) and we are trying to make a Sega Saturn game as a project for our year there. However it turns out that we have some little issues :

We are trying to do a "Mode 7" like map, but when we load the texture using "jo_tga_8bits_loader", this happens :

We loaded this picture:

We also tried to convert the TGA through 8-bit using ffmpeg, image magick, without success. Can somebody help us ?

Thanks in advance :)


I tried to use your image in the "demo - vdp2 plane" and it works nicely.

Maybe you were not exporting the TGA correctly... To make sure the TGA is in a proper format open it with a hexadecimal viewer and check if the first 16 bytes are like in this image

And here's the image exported by me if you need.
I've just saved the png as 8-bit image in Photoshop (using "Save for Web & devices..." option), open the new 8bit image and save as TGA.

Good luck with your project!

Hello, sorry for the late answer!

Thank you for taking the time to fix the issue and answer us, the picture now finally loads into the game! But yeah I think the problem come from the exportation of it. However, is there a way to export it the same way you did but with another software than photoshop? (free software such as ffmpeg,, etc...) I could not find a way to do so.

Thank you again :)

Sorry for the late response. Sadly I tried GIMP2 but no luck.

I found a web conversor that keeps the color deep in the result TGA file. I have not tried directly in the project but the header looked right to me.

Good luck!


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