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30 FPS?


It seems like we can't change the framerate in the makefile.
Like : JO_FRAMERATE = 2  has no effect at all.
Also, by changing the value directly in the Conf.h file, I experience crashes when there are too many polygons on screen, which never happens at 60 FPS for some reasons, so I'm not sure if it's not fully implemented or I'm missing something.

On a sidenote, related to what Null1024 mentionned about Jo Engine 9.0 potentially breaking some stuff, it seems that the exect on slave function doesn't work anymore as it should (it used to work in Sonic Z-Treme, but I had to remove it since it didn't execute the functions after upgrading.
I tested the Shooter demo (which also use the slave) and it's also broken, which further proves issues with the slave functions.

I will check that

Bug fixed: :)

Don't change the framerate value today, because it will disappear for another option in the next release  ;)

Is it possible to do an hotfix to add the framerate in the makefile?
Also, on a side-note (request more than anything, but I don't want to make another topic for it) : could you separate the Jo_rotate_matrix along the 3 axis and separate the DEGtoANG (as in you let the user use it or not)?
It's nearly useless to do rotation along the 3 axis unless you really want it to be in x, then y, then z order.
It's better to do it along one axis first, then another one.
So right now, you have to do something like jo_rotate_matrix(0, 0, 10); then jo_rotate_matrix(0, 10, 0); if you want to rotate on z axis first, then y.
It also means you need to do the extra conversion step of DEGtoANG (x*65536 / 360) (or x*65536 if you use rotate rad) that you could just do before compiling (for things such as animations) for extra speed.
I don't know how much it impacts the cpu, but I guess it would help a little to separate everything, even if it means it's more complicated for newcomers.
My workaround right now is to use the SGL Rot functions and precalculate the DEGtoANG before runtime, but I guess it would be nice to have it in Jo Engine.

I added these functionnalities in the next release  :)


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