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I pushed a new version of Jo Engine with some features for XL2 and Null1024  :D

In this version you can see that I'm working to remove the SGL (Only stable features is in the release)

My remaining roadmap (major todolist) to remove the SGL is the following:

- Z-buffer (and sorting) implementation
- Matrix & math functions (needed for 3D)
- 3D implementation
- DMA copy
- SEGA FileSystem implementation
- Audio implementation with new driver
- Finish input implementation

Can't wait to try it!

I want to say it's neat, but my game freezes Yabause and the player model ends up glitching like crazy in SSF when built with the new version, so I haven't been able to check out the new billboard support..
Probably because a handful of things I'm doing poke around under the hood, but I haven't had time these last few days to work on things and check out what's happening.  :P

Do you compile with or without the SGL ?
Can you PM your code or some part, I will check this ASAP

Sorry about the delay, been pretty busy.
Here's what I've got so far. SGL should be enabled in 9.0.

warning: it's a tad nasty and I've been meaning to do a rewrite for a while (in particular, there's loads of dumb stuff surrounding my lack of knowledge of working with fixed point numbers)


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