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I have been programming with the Jo-Engine using Notepad++, since I'm used to program in C using Netbeans with the C/C++ plugin I tried to set up a project there without much success. I was wondering if it is easier to setup a project with Code::Blocks? The thing I miss most from netbeans is the ability to hold ctrl + left mouse click on the includes and the functions to jump to their location/definition.
If someone has done this before I would really appreciate some help :P.

You have (almost) the same feature in Code::blocks (see attachement) :

Maybe I will add a netbeans project on the repository because it's one one the best IDE

That would be great ;D Thank you!
What I tried to do before was to add the JO-Engine header files to the Include Directories and Include Headers under the Project Properties - Build - C Compiler options but it didn't work. Maybe it will only work if I'm actually using a library file on the Linker options. I couldn't figure out how to make the compiler bundled with Jo-Engine work on netbeans either.

Well I found a not so elegant way around it  :P.
What I did was to copy all files to the same directory, although they are all in the same place I can now ctrl + left mouse click to jump to the definitions, it also doesn't show warnings all over the place.
I added an attachement of the Netbeans 8.1 Project I used to test it, I think there is a way to have it more organized instead of having the files all jumbled up together :o.

By the way I'm trying to make a First Person Shooter in the style of Exhumed, I'm using the "demo - 3D" as a starting point to learn the basics, so far I figured out how to make basic the first person movement, I have it in this attachment if anyone wants to check it out.

It would be so great to have an FPS game !  ;D

Don't hesitate to ask features  ;)

Exhumed is one of my favorite game (even now).

PS: Don't use SGL function directly because the library will be removed in future version  :)


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