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Hi ! Im Andrew!
« on: July 08, 2017, 04:21:45 pm »
Hello I'm Andrew75 I've been working on a Sonic Xtreme remake since 2006, However its on PC, and I'm working with a programming partner with this. ( since I'm not really a programmer)

Info about the project:

I'm also known for my contributions in helping Jollyroger to restore level assets for 3 builds and 2 Level editors from the Original Sonic Xtreme for Sega Saturn and PC NV1. ( V037 PC, V040 Saturn+PC , V037 Level editor PC, and POV build. I didn't do anything with POV build as it didn't require any level asset tweaking.

Anyways Jolly handled engine code and I handled making level code compatible to the "updated" engine, since when he acquired it, some versions of the engines were found in a mid re-write state, Jolly had to restore the functionality while I made many levels compatible from older and newer builds of the engine.


The level Definition files were very easy to understand even for a non programmer like myself. If I could code than i would be able to wright a level loader for them on my own. But yeah I'm mainly an artist, So I had to read the .def files to rebuild 104 of them all by hand manually 1 by 1 for my main Fangame project.

What brought me to the forums here was a lil project called Z-treme by XL2.
Aside from Z-Treme or as part, I think that it would be really cool if we could build a Sonic Xtreme engine for Jo-Engine here which can load original .def files but also at the same time have better Sonic gameplay controllability and physics.  With my understanding of the .def files and someone to help program the functionality. I think we could have a very interesting project indeed, And maybe hopefully this could help make contributions to Jo-engine as a whole threw ideas.

When using the Level Editor from Xtreme, It uses blocks to form levels, and I noticed that if adding a block it would use ram. however if you had 100 of the same block than the ram usage would continue to be the same. however if by adding a new block, the new block would take up a little more ram. if Blocks used textures, than whatever textures were loaded took up some ram ect ect.
Seems the blocks were using some kind of instancing technique so that 1000 blocks would be the same as having 1 block loaded. ( now this was for the PC build of the level editor. which gave live feedback on ram usage) The levels were laid out using a separate .pcx texture which used index colors to tell the engine which block went where. and inside the level definition file blocks were defined in order. so block 1 would be index color 1 and block 2 would be index color 2 and so forth.

How some blocks were defined in various builds of Xtreme
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Re: Hi ! Im Andrew!
« Reply #1 on: July 08, 2017, 05:22:46 pm »
Nice to have you on bord! For the ram usage, it's what I did with Sonic Z-Treme : reuse assets. The mesh/block exists in the ram, all you actualy do is draw it on screen several times. It's really the only way you can put huge levels in these old consoles. The problem with Sonic X-Treme, from my understanding, is that since blocks are small instead of bigger meshes, you duplicate many vertices that the Saturn will need to transform, which takes lot of CPU usage. So you need to find the right spot between ram usage and cpu usage. I think, if I'm right, that the Sonic X-Treme method is too hard on the CPU.


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Re: Hi ! Im Andrew!
« Reply #2 on: July 14, 2017, 10:33:03 am »
Hi Andrew !

I am happy to welcome you in our community (one of us! one of us!) :)


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