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Project announcement / Virtua Skimmer
« on: April 25, 2018, 03:04:19 pm »
Heres my project i've been working on. Its a Tony Hawk style Skimboard game, you do whats called a "wrap" on a wave and do as many tricks as possible without falling 

Its still a work in progress but I reached the dynamic memory usage limit and probably be awhile before I can do a significant update since i'm still learning basics. Recommended emulator is Yabause as SSF is too fast. On Saturn hardware everything is a bit to fast(the wave especially) but probably more the speed im looking for finished. The water dithered mesh that moves rapidly im going to replace with a Grandia water style raster effect as the current jerking motion is almost flashing colors at you.

runs about %50 to fast on sff %40 to slow in Yabause compared to hardware(Overall speed in general not finished)
Out of dynamic memory for more transformations
Printf tricks dont clear when finish run
Gameplay is about %30 (No real collision/Hacky Gravity + Controls)

To Do-
Move mesh/Textures off main ram to free up dynamic memory
Grandia Style Water effect(VDP2 Raster effect?
Link system (Tricks must be done quickly together or lose link)
Convert title screen meshes to hardcoded images
2 Player
Fishing mode using saturn mouse

Jo Engine Wish List / 3D Textured Mesh Sample
« on: March 15, 2018, 06:39:05 pm »
Ive really been struggling trying to figure out how to get a textured 3D mesh running in Jo. Ive been following to make a SG3 and SGT Texture table. Then to use textured Polygons. But how do I implement this in Jo? Be nice to have a sample with 1 multi textured 3D mesh to take a look at how its called and the files it uses. 

So I have very little experience developing games mostly in Unity and Lua by modifying demos to make a new game. Always wanted to develop for the Saturn since a kid but having a few issues with my demo so far in Jo engine.

I'm using the Advanced 3D sample as my base and so far Ive implemented in it my Player and Level 3D models I converted from .dae and also have the Player control a bit worked out and some movement in the level scenery.

One thing that's driving me a bit crazy is when I display my 3D models in game and rotate thier matrix, they spin off their origin making it almost impossible to place where I want or rotate my player correctly. Also when I display objects in game they are upside down and seems x,y,z are inverted but maybe that's how its supposed to be. Ive looked all the samples and ones posted here, but I just cant grasp what I'm doing wrong.

I have a 3D ocean wave and I'm trying to use a screendoored plane over the top to give the effect of water surface and also eventually another solid plane for the beach. But for the life of me cannot get the plane to be where I want flat above the 3D ocean wave model with he origin being off no matter what x,y,z rotation or position.
The other problem is when I'm trying to convert my sonic jam player model with textures with the map tool it say 214 textured polygons is too much for the Saturn and wont convert even decimated to 140polygons. The dae model has 1 TGA texture

Edit: Well most of this was a brianfart objects are rotating are their correct origin. My ocean wave model in blender when exported was off origin maybe why I cant line it up very well with the dithered plane, it also has bad geometry maybe why the dithered plane doesn't cover evenly.
 Really enjoy using this application time to buy a Saturn again and Pseudo cart. Here is my screen so far of a skimboard/surfing type game.

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