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Share your code / Re: Model converter (.ZTP) -0.05 - WIP
« on: June 08, 2018, 01:33:49 am »
If your texture is a 3 letter word it wont show up. Was wondering what my deal was

Share your code / Re: Model converter (.ZTP) -0.05 - WIP
« on: June 08, 2018, 12:43:57 am »
 I was so certain the texture was fine but turns out it was the problem for the missing planes. Must forgot to switch back to RGB after indexed or saved compressed. Everything is displaying pretty well now, the floor still wants to clip over a lot of things like the player and 3d objects I put on the ground but probably going to use sprite objects to pick up anyway and make the level nice and 3D. And since this half room is only 1000 vertices I think I can manage to add the other half of the PSP level and have the entire level running even with no culling.
Edit: Seems to be a file name problem with 3 letter names.

Share your code / Re: Model converter (.ZTP) -0.05 - WIP
« on: June 07, 2018, 04:45:46 am »
Ill try out the DUAL_ texture name out. I was actually displaying my level twice and only at 1300 vertices now but still doesn't want to draw certain faces the same way. The bag has no depth and there's also a box missing thats pretty simple. Backface culling is on in blender. Ill try these trouble ones a seperate dual plane models. So weird this plane is having issues.

 Might try out making the floor a seperate model with a lower zsort see if helps the clipping.

Share your code / Re: Model converter (.ZTP) -0.05 - WIP
« on: June 07, 2018, 04:03:22 am »
Ah so seems maybe I can clean this up and have it work. How do I change the attributes in a ZTE without the .h file? I didnt see anything in the SGL documentation other than the .h attributes. Its the same as slZdspLevel();?

The normals are correct one that shopping bag and even replaced it with just a simple plane it doesn't show up looking at both sides. Even with the player removed.  I noticed if I don't draw my player that is 255 vertices it only brings down the count to 2446 so it must just stop drawing the levels vertices at some point and move onto the player. But if I separate the bag to its own ZTE it doesn't draw it either so not really sure what some faces deal are.

Ill just keep messing with it until I get everything now displaying and everything else will be sprite. I tried it out on a real saturn and still runs smooth with the level only missing like three 3d models needed.

Edit: wow I was drawing my level twice lol, now its 1300 vertices but still not drawing the bag.

Share your code / Re: Model converter (.ZTP) -0.05 - WIP
« on: June 06, 2018, 06:57:54 pm »
Fantastic news! Really making projects like mine possible. One thing though excuse my lack of concept but in my Katamari project I ported the PSP level and decimated it and made it quads. When loading the ZTE it missing a few select faces even some simple 4 vertex quad with correct normals, but will let me add more complex things like the plate of snails.

I fixed a lot of the levels glitches by merging the vertices of the separate objects and making sure there isn't a face underneath another. But having a hard time making any more 3d objects show up without being clipped out by the floor or whatever. .

For example of a simple quad clipped: the shopping bag that goes up to the table here

Is clipped on the saturn build but let me add the plate of all this stuff on it, if merged the plates vertices to the ground.

Can I make a level this way if I clean it up more or is the Zsorting(?) too much with all the stuff and need a proper map?

Share your code / Re: Model converter (.ZTP) -0.05 - WIP
« on: May 29, 2018, 02:58:17 pm »
Great work, I didn't even notice the texture issue. Precalculated lighting and per vertex animation would be really useful. I thought the visible workspace was 1200 faces but your demo runs +1500, awesome!
edit: Nevermind its displaying 700

Project announcement / Re: Virtua Skimmer
« on: May 18, 2018, 06:27:02 am »
So im getting along pretty well porting my game over the your engine. Turns out taking all the .h files out solved the problem. sltranslate doesn't seem to translate the mesh anywhere though? For example

slTranslate(100, 20, 50);

Is the same as any other combination

Code: [Select]
        slTranslate(100, 20, 50);
        slRotX(sonic_rot_x );
slRotY(sonic_rot_y );
slRotZ(sonic_rot_z );

        display_model(&entities[0], 1);


Project announcement / Re: Virtua Skimmer
« on: May 16, 2018, 06:22:43 pm »
Love the gourad lighting and this tool. One thing though when I try adding my working ZTP loading into my project it wont build when I add the void computeLight() and void display_model(entity_t * model, bool UseRealtimeGouraud)

Ive added everything else and successfully builds including the gameloop() and removing Jo engine callbacks and run(). I didn't load the ZTP to the current address or anything in my_draw() yet only exception. But when I add those 2 voids it wont build. I replaced the ZT folder with the new one and the makefiles match

Project announcement / Virtua Skimmer
« on: April 25, 2018, 03:04:19 pm »
Heres my project i've been working on. Its a Tony Hawk style Skimboard game, you do whats called a "wrap" on a wave and do as many tricks as possible without falling 

Its still a work in progress but I reached the dynamic memory usage limit and probably be awhile before I can do a significant update since i'm still learning basics. Recommended emulator is Yabause as SSF is too fast. On Saturn hardware everything is a bit to fast(the wave especially) but probably more the speed im looking for finished. The water dithered mesh that moves rapidly im going to replace with a Grandia water style raster effect as the current jerking motion is almost flashing colors at you.

runs about %50 to fast on sff %40 to slow in Yabause compared to hardware(Overall speed in general not finished)
Out of dynamic memory for more transformations
Printf tricks dont clear when finish run
Gameplay is about %30 (No real collision/Hacky Gravity + Controls)

To Do-
Move mesh/Textures off main ram to free up dynamic memory
Grandia Style Water effect(VDP2 Raster effect?
Link system (Tricks must be done quickly together or lose link)
Convert title screen meshes to hardcoded images
2 Player
Fishing mode using saturn mouse

Jo Engine Wish List / Re: 3D Textured Mesh Sample
« on: March 20, 2018, 07:52:47 pm »
Sounds awesome thanks for your work. So should I make a texture table with that tutorial? Or will you program make a table from the texture from the .obj? Sounds to good to be true)

Project announcement / Re: Sonic Z-Treme
« on: March 20, 2018, 02:33:05 pm »
That sounds awesome. I love the Jam level and feel, really makes you think Sonic Adventure Saturn could of been possible.

While I admire XTreme blocky level and uniqueness to the time,  jams style is just downright impressive to look at on a Saturn.

Jo Engine Wish List / 3D Textured Mesh Sample
« on: March 15, 2018, 06:39:05 pm »
Ive really been struggling trying to figure out how to get a textured 3D mesh running in Jo. Ive been following to make a SG3 and SGT Texture table. Then to use textured Polygons. But how do I implement this in Jo? Be nice to have a sample with 1 multi textured 3D mesh to take a look at how its called and the files it uses. 

Sorry I'm not the best at explaining. Still having this problem though and think it might be a hardware limitation? Im trying to rotate the sprite of my board located somewhere besides 0,0,0 in the scene and rotating, and it doesn't spin on the right origin like when its located at 0,0,0 in any direction. The rotation with the sprite is so bad to rotate 90 degrees I just redraw it twice where I need it for now. I tried with jo_3d_draw_sprite_at and also jo_sprite_draw3D_and_rotate, etc using jo_3d_rotate_matrix_z(skim_rot_x) to call the rotation.

I made 3d model instead of a sprite and it doesn't have this rotation problem when put anywhere in the scene.

I made a video to show what I mean. The first is the 3d model spinning with me like I want and after the sprite spinning off axis with almost the same code

Edit: Eh forget it Ill just use a 3d model just wanted to keep the polys down. Should I render my planes on the VDP2 i was reading your youtube comments and saw you mention warping with the vdp1 and im getting it bad. Maybe mode 7 for the planes?

Yeah single plane I have to touch up my model to correct the quads a bit but defiantly runs better. So I got everything back onscreen lined up and working a bit on gameplay now.

It seems my skimboard sprite only rotates on origin if I draw it at 0,0,0? Trying to rotate it so I can 360 with the board and player together but it rotates along some origin im not sure of when I draw my sprite anywhere else besides 0,0,0

Im draw it like this
jo_3d_draw_sprite_at(6, sonic_pos_x  , sonic_pos_y - 5 , sonic_pos_z + 5  );

and rotate like this
skim_rot_z +=7;

Its seems a bit crazy to me as my Player(Sonic/Virtua Kid) its done the same way and it works fine with
jo_3d_translate_matrix    ( sonic_pos_x,sonic_pos_y,sonic_pos_z );
jo_3d_rotate_matrix_z    ( sonic_rot_z) ;

I tried not translating it to sonic_pos and just some coordinates and it still off origin. I also made a 3D model instead of a sprite and it still doing the same thing. Is it something to do with my camera?

Heres a video of me doing a 360 out to a wave and the sprite is rotating on some weird origin.

Alright got it working! 30fps was the key, makes the water effect move slower too which is great. I cant 3D model worth anything so glad I don't have to redo the wave for now. Now it mirrors SSF output.

On another note do you guys sometimes failure to launch on Saturn Hardware? I can tell it will happen because the CD stops spinning before I launch the game with Psuedo menu. Maybe I should burn slower than 16x or get Verbatim Datalife+

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